Information update

I’ve gotten more information on the family. Here is the breakdown of the ages:

1 years old (3) all female

2 years old (2) 1 female, 1 male

3 years old (2) 1 female, 1 male

4 years old (2) both girls

5 years old (2) both girls

7 years old (2) 1 female, 1 male

10 years old (2) both boys

There are also 2 newborns. There are a couple of teenagers who I believe are 13. I am getting more information on them. With the 1 year olds, there is a set of twins and one little girl that lost her parents in a trailer fire when she was very tiny.

More information coming soon!


A Real Christmas Wish

It isn’t even Halloween yet, so I don’t know why I was thinking of this on this particular morning, but I was.  Bear with me as I express my deepest and most sincere wish for Christmas.

Like most mothers and grandmothers, I wish I could experience the laughter and squeals of children as they open their gifts. I wish I could see their glowing, excited smiles and the look of magic in their eyes. I wish I could hear the sound of wrapping paper being frantically torn off and see it flying across the room. Yes, I think that is what most adults look forward to on Christmas, but my wish is a bit different.

The children to whom I am referring have never gotten Christmas gifts. Yes, they live right here in the United States, but if they have ever received gifts for Christmas, it has only been once or twice. These children will have probably slept in their coats, if they have one, because their home may be without heat or running water. These children have parents and grandparents who have probably shed a million tears thinking their children would have to do without another Christmas. These children may be lucky if they are having a full hot dinner on Christmas.

These lovely children are Lakota, and live on Pine Ridge Reservation. Those who know me are aware of the fact that I have been involved in Pine Ridge Projects for years. My friend and I have collected, and bought items needed by people on the reservation for several years now. Now, I turn to you, my friends, for a special project.

Not only the children, but many elders could experience a very magical day with just a little effort and cost from others. Keep in mind that some of these elders have gotten few gifts, and many are helping if not completely raising not only their own grandchildren, but other children of the tribe who need homes.

I got word last week of an elder who has taken in 10 tribal children. Like many others on the reservation, they got nothing on Christmas last year. I felt so led to help that I offered assistance. My friend, Rose, and I are going to try to provide at least a little something for them for Christmas. This is where you come in, if your heart leads.

I would feel so blessed if some of you could find it in your hearts to donating one (or more) shoe boxes filled with gifts for a child or an elder. These do not have to be fancy, expensive gifts. You have no idea how much  a game of jacks or a deck of cards would mean to them! If you can only pledge one box, it would be greatly appreciated. If you would like to get your church or other organization involved, I would be thrilled because that would mean even more Lakota can enjoy Christmas.

The exact details are being worked out, and I am speaking with the brothers at the Jesuit organization there as well as others. Please, please pray about this, or if you feel it in your heart to help, then please pledge. We must work quickly to get this done by Christmas time. If you are unfamiliar with Pine Ridge, please read one of the many lenses I have written about it. It is called “Pine Ridge Reservation or Prison Camp”.

Together, we can bring so much joy to so many children and elders with so little on our part. Thank you for reading and please keep the Lakota in mind. May you be richly blessed.


Details will be coming soon, so please watch.

PLEASE Tweet, send a FB status, anything that gets the word out. Thank you

Welcoming Autumn…sort of

As far as I was concerned, the sooner summer weather ended, the better. Never having been much of a sun worshiper, I was more than ready to see the leaves start falling. However, it starts me worrying about my friends on Pine Ridge. As I spend 10-12 hours a day writing, marketing, posting and otherwise trying to earn money, in the back of my mind I am wondering how I am going to get up to the reservation before the snow starts flying. To make matters worse, when I go, I may be empty handed. The garage was full of items I wanted to take up to South Dakota but there was a fire several days ago and although the items didn’t get burned, most of them sure got wet from the fire hoses! I thank God that if nothing else, I will have a warm place to stay this winter and running water. I only wish the same could be said of some of the families on the reservation. If you haven’t seen my lens about the conditions there, I welcome you to have a look. It is called “Pine Ridge Reservation or Prison Camp” I’ve seen the conditions there many times and it haunts me. It truly does. Hoping everyone is having a safe and enjoyable Autumn. Before we know it, we will be bemoaning the hectic Christmas season. Until next time…

Helping those on Pine Ridge Reservation

Now that the weather is turning, most people in the northern part of the country realize the snow will soon fall. On Pine Ridge Reservation, this can spell disaster. Being the poorest county in the country and one of the poorest reservations in the nation, residents of Pine Ridge face real threats. These are threats they face every winter:

  1. Hunger:  Few people on the reservation have transportation that will take them to the nearest store even in the best of weather. When bad weather hits, parts of the reservation are literally snow bound. Besides the weather, hunger is a very real presence on the reservation. People think only third world countries have widespread hunger and starvation, but it happens right across Nebraska’s border in South Dakota.
  2. Hypothermia: Many people, even elders go long periods of time without running water, heat or electricity. Some elders still live in sod houses.  Many homes have no windows and no insulation from the cold and snow.
  3. Isolation: Snow and cold hits hard on the Rez and elders especially often go without socialization and communication unless their family lives with them.

There is an organization which I have been a part of that offers many different ways to help the people of Pine Ridge, not just temporarily, but helping them to become self-sufficient. That organization is called One Spirit.  They are trusted on and off the reservation and the programs they have allow you to actually connect with the people you are helping.

If you are not sure yet, I would recommend these links:

Pine Ridge Reservation or Prison Camp

One Spirit Information on Squidoo

Jumping Eagle Safe House

There never seems to be a lack of charities and choices of places that truly need help helping others. I would urge you to look deep inside yourself, pray about it (if you are so inclined) and at least check out the information provided.

We’ve moved!

The blog has now moved to WordPress and there are some great and exciting new features and news coming. Glad to have you here.

In the Writing Mode

I’ve been all over the web recently to promote my writing. I’ve sent in articles (Isn’t the internet wonderful?) and I’ve also been working a lot on my Squidoo lenses. My newest lens Pine Ridge Reservation or Prison Camp had only been published for 18 hours and won the Purple Star. I was surprised and honored.
If you have not heard of Squidoo (I know, the name sounds silly), it is a writing and publishing platform created by Seth Godin. Seth believes that everyone is an expert at something. To date, I have 122 lenses on all kinds of topics. If you would like to check Squidoo out and possibly make a little extra money, click here
We very much wanted to make it up to the reservation before the snow started flying, but I am not sure that will happen now. Autumn has made a sudden entrance and it seems there may be an early winter. I am a road warrior, but I don’t like driving up into the hills in snow and ice!
Until next time…

Where have I been!

Wow… I thought they discontinued the blogs here! I’ve been quite busy writing. I now create custom Squidoo lenses, Hub pages and articles for personal use and business. I still go up to the reservation as often as I can. In fact, we were up there just a couple of months ago.
Fall is setting in here and none too soon. Oy, I hate hot weather. Considering bringing out all of my crochet materials. Ahh, Autumn, I love you!
More soon, have to catch up.